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For either a band or a classical group, we suggest a minimum of four players. If this is out of your budget, three or two is best. We rarely supply one musician unless it is a solo saxophone, piano, or harp. 

Most weddings (including ceremony and cocktails while you have your photos taken) will be a minimum of two hours, but can be closer to three hours. Our time is calculated continuously from when we start playing until we may pack up and leave.

Please note: The amounts given here are estimates that are subject to change and may be different on your quote. The amounts will be substantially increased if you require: additional music that we do not own (please see Music), or equipment such as sound systems, keyboards, or drums. The amounts quoted include a travel fee for distances up to 30km (one-way). The prices below are for all our groups except the Jazz Duo and harp - please fill in our form for a quote for these two groups.

Our minimum time charged for is one hour, and we charge in 30 minutes increments thereafter.

NB: rates valid 1 December 2020 - 31 January 2024

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